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Learn about what we believe, what orange is, get to know our team, or simply get some directions under NEW? in the menu bar.
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If you are looking for a way to meet new people and connect more at South Milford, small groups are what you are looking for! Small groups consist of a group of people (around 5-10) who meet weekly for Bible study, prayer, sometimes some food, and fun. Click this paragraph to find a small group for you.
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Each Sunday morning we have a fully staffed nursery during services. The Nursery is located conveniently by the worship area so you can check on your child easily if need be. Babies are checked in with our electronic system that will give you and your child a private security number to ensure your child's safety at pick up.
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We have kids services every Sunday during regular services. There are services for toddlers, pre-school & kindergarten, & 1st - 5th grade. All children are checked into our electron system that will provide us with important information in an emergency and provide you with a unique ID number that you can use to pick your child up.