Kids Ministry at South Milford Church of Christ is an exciting place to be! Every week we teach children from Birth to Sixth Grade about the  God’s love and God’s Word, whether that’s playing basketball in Upwards or learning Scripture verses at TeamKID. Not only do children learn about God, but they have fun in the process! Through age-appropriate classes, children learn at their level and make friends with other children their age!

You’re child will love being apart of the Kids Ministry at SMCC!

Children’s Classes
These classes occur every Sunday during our Second Service from 1030-1130. Students will be paired up in classes ranging from Lil’ K/K-3/4-5-6 according to their ages. Trained adults teach Bible lessons that matter to children’s lives, and help them know God.
Sunday School Classes
Our Sunday School classes are every Sunday during First Service from 9-10. Students learn in their own age groups alongside their peers, these groups are Pre-K/K-1/2-3/4-6. In Sunday School trained teachers help students to not just learn about the Bible but become excited about the Bible Story and what it means for their lives. Children's Ministry_Fotor
TeamKID does a great job of actively teaching students about the Bible! Through fun activities, children actively put the Bible to memory every week, and are rewarded for their efforts!
For more information about our TeamKID and how you can get involved click on this TeamKID link.
Upward Basketball
It’s more than just dribbling a basketball, making a pass, or shooting a basket. It’s about the development of team-work, leadership, social interaction, hard-work, and character, all within the confines of learning about Jesus. Upward Basketball is a chance for the children of all ages to hear about Jesus possibly for the first time, and in the meantime develop some skill with a basketball. 
For more information about Upward Basketball visit