Listen to the Coach

John Piper used a great example I heard recently – “Suppose that you are a gymnast. You’re doing a floor exercise in competition and have made a good beginning. You are in the middle of your routine and suddenly find a strange weariness coming over you. You start to get a little wobbly in your arms and legs.

You set yourself up for a series of back handsprings that is supposed to come to a climax in a double backflip with a full twist. As you turn and begin your handsprings, the weakness causes a terrible uncertainty to come into your mind. You hit your last handspring to try to get the height you need for the double backflip. Your elbows buckle very slightly. And as you leave the ground the strangest thing happens. Everything goes into slow motion. You seem to be moving just an inch per second. And as you ascend and begin to tuck, you hear a voice from the side of the mat. And you recognize it as the voice of your coach.”

The picture here is the church of the Hebrews (the end of Hebrews 5 into Chapter 6) to whom the letter was written. They are the gymnast in this picture, and the writer of Hebrews is their coach…even more so the Writer (the Holy Spirit) in our coach.

As we prepare to look at the text for this coming Sunday (Heb. 5:11-14 – 6:1-12) he is catching them in midair. If they can hear him and respond, they will land on their feet, complete the routine, and maybe get a good score. But if they don’t hear him, their uncertainty and weariness may cause them to give out half way through the flip and come down on their head.

Are you weary?  Listen to the Coach…to the Spirit…as He leads through temptation, and struggle, and suffering, and personal failure…enduring faith keeps eyes and ears on the Coach.

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