Perfect Peace

Isaiah 26:1-4 says, In that day, everyone in the land of Judah will sing this song: Our city is strong! We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation. 2Open the gates to all who are righteous; allow the faithful to enter. 3You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! 4Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.
To say, “God, I don’t trust You…” is to fail to be still, to neglect Sabbath, to not take time daily…weekly…monthly…yearly to stop and “be” with Him.
Dallas Willard was known to say “We must ruthlessly eliminate hurry.” I need to consider this daily. Where am I spinning my wheels, wasting time and energy? More important, where am I rushing ahead and not looking to God for guidance and help? Often we need to reorient ourselves back to the Lord and His wisdom. How often I need to remind myself to trust in Him, rather than leaning on my own ways.
After all, rushing around frantically seems to be the opposite of the “perfect peace” the prophet Isaiah speaks of. The Lord gives this gift to “those whose minds are steadfast,” because they trust in Him (v. 3). And He is worthy of being trusted today, tomorrow, and forever, for “the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal” (v. 4). Trusting God with our minds fixed on Him is the antidote to a hurried life.
How about you? Do you sense that you’re hurried or even hasty? Maybe, in contrast, you often experience a sense of peace. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in between the two extremes. Wherever you may be, I pray today that you’ll be able to put aside any hurry as you trust the Lord, who will never fail you and who gives you His peace.

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