Way Better

So, Luke informed me yesterday that he is now a coffee drinker.  I asked him what brought about this turn of events and it was really nothing…he just decided to get a cup of coffee from the percolator at the church.  I figure I’ll pick my battles, so I said okay…I guess you’re a coffee drinker…but, that cup of coffee isn’t a good gauge by which to measure coffee (sorry to all of you who make coffee at the church, but let’s be realistic here…it’s no Starbuck’s!).

He asked me to explain and so I said, “Well, it’s like you just ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger, but we all know there are better cheeseburgers, right?”  I went on, “I mean a McDonald’s burger doesn’t compare to a quarter pound of grass fed beef grilled to perfection with just a bit of pink in the middle.  Then you cover it with the finest swiss and provolone cheeses melting over the edges of the burger, think cut savory peppercorn bacon, onion, pickles, tomato, fresh lettuce, and homemade mayo.  Finally, you put all of that between a homemade buttery pretzel bun that has been browned on the griddle.”  I asked him, “Which would you want?”  At that point he had forgotten about coffee and wanted to know what we were having for lunch.

Let’s be honest, the house coffee from Starbuck’s is better than church coffee, and a good burger joint makes a better burger than say a fast food restaurant.  I say all this because it really hits on the whole point of the New Testament book of Hebrews…not the coffee and burgers…but the “being better” conversation.  In the midst of doubts and persecution the church needed to know that Jesus was greater.  He was greater than their fears, greater than the persecution, and great enough to accomplish everything He promised.  They could place their faith in Him.  Church, we too need to hang tightly to Him…He is greater than our anxieties, and the cultural pressures, and the struggles and strongholds we face!  Join us for this brand new sermon series, “Greater” in the book of Hebrews.

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