Jesus Is All We Need

I’m convinced of something more and more as I grow in my walk with the Lord. Something that I consistently need to be reminded of over and over again, even though I keep thinking “I’ll get it” sooner or later. Something that remains over a long period of time and proves itself to be true time and time again.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:30

We simply need Jesus.  We need more of Jesus.  And over time, we need to increase our love for Jesus.

Now before you or I go “yea yea I know that,” do we actually know this in a way where we live this way?

Or are we caught up in the rat race of our culture and lives? Busy with productivity, responsibilities, families, workplaces, relationships, money, etc.

As a follower of Jesus, what drives you? “All the things” you are supposed to do as a Christian or an increasing love of Jesus?

Because at the end of the day, if we truly grow in our love for Christ, everything else will follow and will take shape the way God has designed it. We could be “just as busy” as we are today, but with our love for Christ increasing, we’ll go through life accomplishing exactly what God has called us to do. To love Him with all of our hearts, minds, strength, soul, and to love others and make disciples.

Are we making disciples? When is the last time we shared the Gospel with someone? When is the last time we led someone to Christ and then invited them into our lives to disciple them?

I know those are tough questions for me and for you, but they are necessary for us to keep asking ourselves. They reveal where our hearts truly are and what we are making most important in your life.

If that’s currently not Jesus, don’t beat yourself up. Repent and move forward. Ask God to increase your love for Him, read the Bible, pray, and start loving people well for the glory of God and for the good of others.

Let today be a reminder that we simply need to increase in our love for Jesus more and more each day. And by doing so, our lives will reflect more of Jesus in everything and everyone we are involved with and God will be glorified.

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