12|12 List

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

Cancer Issues
Paul Williams
Jen Will
Ken Buckmaster
Craig Striech
Howard Charles
Jen Strong
Lori Mason
Nancy Lepley
James Gnagwer
Roger Longyear
Amanda Sayles
Kimberly Brown
Ken Vandenberg
Carol Rose
Military Personnel
Zhane Smith
Weslee Smith
Kyle Bloom
Elderly Shut-In
Elsie Reagan
Effie Jones
Carolyn Robertson
Marilyn Donat
Ongoing Health
Craig Thompson 
Marylin Donat
Helen Clark
Linda Charles
Flora Rowe
Waldora McKee
Tom & Hope Schmidt
General Concerns
Jill Grobis
(Health Issues)
Jack Baird Family  
(Son in Law of Dickeys, Passing of Jack)
Larry Leonhardt, Jr. (Friend of Mike Smith, in need of a heart transplant)
Jim Croy
(John Croy’s Brother, Health Issues)
School Staff
(Stress with back to school preparations & decisions)
Bill Pfleidner (Brother in law of Mike Hillegas getting close to being home with Jesus)
(Friend of Wittrigs battling cancer & pneumonia)
Diane Marshall
(Recovery Following Surgery)
Donna Gossett
(Shoulder Surgery 7/24)
Waldora McKee
(Health Difficulties)
Bonnie Bay
(Julie Wade’s Mom -Health Issues)
Paul Williams
(Pancreatic Cancer)
Jen Will
(undergoing cancer treatments)
Pray for those with compromised health, and our shut-Ins
(limited contact with people right now due to quarantines)
COVID-19 | Pray for Community, Country, and World
(revival of trust in the Creator during unsure times)
Molly Rowe & Hilary Arroyo
(working with Covid patients)