12|12 List

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

Cancer Issues
Jane Wilhelm
Ken Butler
Jen Will
Ken Buckmaster
Craig Striech
Howard Charles
Jen Strong
Lori Mason
Nancy Lepley
James Gnagwer
Roger Longyear
Amanda Sayles
Kimberly Brown
Ken Vandenberg
Carol Rose
Heather Mapes
Vicky Fiandt
Military Personnel
Zhane Smith
Weslee Smith
Kyle Bloom
Mic McAfee
Dan McCallister
Elderly Shut-In
Elsie Reagan
Carolyn Robertson
Marilyn Donat
Ongoing Health
Craig Thompson
Marylin Donat
Linda Charles
Flora Rowe
Susan Cook
Tom & Hope Schmidt
John & Jane Wilhelm
General Concerns
TJ Miller Family
(passing of his father, Estill)
Connie Hillegas
(upcoming eye surgery and recovery)
Leslie Martin (upcoming heart surgery)
Steve Smart
(Healing from motorcycle accident)
Allan Beachy
(taking chemo for lung cancer; Nancy Hostetler’s brother in law)
Vicky & Curt Cheesman
(in car accident; ok but being treated for injuries)
Jane Wilhelm
(healing at home following a leg injury)
Gaylord Bose
(Battling cancer; family of Ben & Leona Chrysler)
Lisa Stephens
(growth in knowledge and wisdom)
Skinner / Holsinger Families
(passing of Evan)
Marge Strawser
(recovering from a broken arm and blood clots)
Mikayla & Grace Frazier
(Mikayla is struggling w her chemo treatments & Grace is wrestling w loneliness and illness as she is overseas in Africa)
Robert Edwards
(cancer has progressed; hospice called in. Robertson’s neighbor)
Adam Rittermeyer
(struggling with Leukemia, upcoming bone marrow transplant)
Mary Hopkins sister, Evelyn
(lung cancer)
Greg Guthrie
(Multiple health issues related to cancer in brain)
Bob Rose
(friend of Sharon and Tommy…has covid for 2nd time; in rehab)
Caiden Fader
(starting 2nd round of Chemo; cousin of Lisa Hochstetler)
Joel Price’s Brother
(continuing cancer treatments)
Roger Longyear
(return of his cancer)
Larry Miller
(leg amputation)
Dave Carrier
(healing at home following several procedures; friend of Fenton’s)
Ervin Huth
(Barb Huth’s husband; struggling with heart issues and stage 1 lung cancer)
Gerald Wilhelm
(cancer treatments; John & Jane’s nephew)