12|12 List

‘Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.’

Romans 12:12

Cancer Issues
Conlei Walworth
Ken Buckmaster
Jack Davis
Craig Striech
Terry Donat
Howard Charles
Jane Rawles
Jen Strong
Stacy Patrick
Nancy Huff
Lori Mason
Leonard Smith Nancy Lepley
Becky Krieger
James Gnagwer
Roger Longyear
Military Personal
Emery Mossman
Luke Robinson
Zhane Smith
Kyle Bloom
Elderly Shut-In
Nancy Huff
Loretta Purcell
Dick Simonton
Elsie Reagan
Ongoing Health
Craig Thompson 
Marylin Donat
Flora Rowe
Waldora McKey
Effie Jones
Hope Schmidt
General Concerns
Donald Miller (Nancy Hostetler’s nephew…in hospital w/ infection)
Amanda Sayles
(thyroid cancer)
Effie Jones
(dealing w/ complications due to kidney failure)
Susan Cook’s Son Tony
(neck surgery)
Ron Everidge
(blood clots in legs)
Dave & Penney Dickey
(Passing of son Mike)
Lisa Deskins (managing ulcerative colitis)
Dick Mains
(Susan Walsh’s cousin; w/ hospice / stage 4 cancer)
Terry Donat
(cancer advancing; brain tumors)
Tangie Harrel
(Battling cancer; prayer for husband and kids)
Kay Strang
(recovering from surgery and having lots of pain; Holly Pfeiffer’s mom)
Linda Fleck
(upcoming knee replacement surgery)
Kelly Smith
(dealing w/ heart issues)
Pete Zimmerman
(Kathy Randol’s nephew; complications from MS)
Tim Sexton & Family
(Stroke and kidney failure, facing more surgery; friend of Diane Marshall)
Winston Boggs (lung cancer; Brad Ringler’s neighbor)
Steve Koble (carcinoma all over body; friend of Nancy Pickett)
Laurie Barnhill
(brain tumor; Brenda Neagle’s cousin)