12|12 List

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

Cancer Issues
Paul Williams
Laird Wysong
Ken Butler
Jen Will
Ken Buckmaster
Craig Striech
Howard Charles
Jen Strong
Lori Mason
Nancy Lepley
James Gnagwer
Roger Longyear
Amanda Sayles
Kimberly Brown
Ken Vandenberg
Carol Rose
Military Personnel
Zhane Smith
Weslee Smith
Kyle Bloom
Elderly Shut-In
Elsie Reagan
Effie Jones
Carolyn Robertson
Marilyn Donat
Ongoing Health
Craig Thompson 
Marylin Donat
Helen Clark
Linda Charles
Flora Rowe
Waldora McKee
Tom & Hope Schmidt
General Concerns

Chris Smith
(has Covid)
John Wilhelm
(at PV Regional Heart Inst. needing pace maker)
Jim Plummer
(has Covid; Diana H. cousin)
Vicki Fiandt
(diagnosed w breast cancer; Kathy D. cousin)
Frances Kester
(Katie Bowman’s sister, battling cancer)
Ralph Haggard
(loss of his wife Janis)
Laird & Katie Wysong
(strength and perseverance)
Jackie McDaniels
(Daryl’s aunt; in hospital w Covid)
Megin Chickering
(lost feeling on left side of body; doctors struggling to diagnose)
Natalie Pfafman
(breast cancer; friend of Erica Quarry)
(nephew of Andy & Jen Williams; born 9 weeks premature in NICU)
Caden Owsley & Atticus Klopenstien
(severe wreck in CO)
Don Chambers
(fell in concrete; consciousness)
Jim Croy
(John Croy’s Brother, Health Issues)
Jen Will
(undergoing cancer treatments)